Whether you are looking to enhance your turnaround or minimize your loss on returns while ensuring efficient operations at your healthcare organization, eClincial works are here to help you navigate through the most dreaded path of integrating healthcare with technology. Let’s face the facts—eClincial works is a simple, yet a better way of turning around your healthcare practice. With this cloud-based e-data management system, your patients’ date plus your practice data is secure and exclusively accessible without any limitations of traffic. At eClinical Works, experts and consultants are proud of the achievements they have made in increasing reliability, scalability and enhancing up-time as well as speedy access to important records.

Contrary to other EMRs that tend to co-mingle your organizational data from other institutions, the eClinicalWorks cloud ensures that your confidential data remains private. Additionally, by allowing this great healthcare date software to take on your data, you free your organization from any worries about performance or system upgrades. The fact that you are the only one on the platform means that your organization cannot be impeded from performing as you expect. Similarly, your searches and data analytics will never be affected by actions of other practices. However, as a user, you can easily schedule system upgrades at your own convenience.

The features that come with eClinicalWorks are designed to help streamline all your day-to-day workflow, including customized dashboards that help to compile important information such as laboratory test results into one comprehensive file for single and easy viewing. Customized templates and user-friendly interfaces mean that new users in your organizations will have an easy time to learn and be able to use the software. This is to say that it has an easy learning curve compared to other EMRs.

What’s more, eClinicalWorks does not come with any startup costs so you don’t have to worry about the heavy initial cost to have the system up and running. Instead, the software provider understands that every healthcare practice needs to automate healthcare service without worrying about the high initial cost of setting up systems. The system plus all its necessary tools are freely provided with free on-site training so you and your staff will be trained on how to use the software. Since your staff is under the training of the developers of the software, it follows that learning will be quick and easy.

Worried of shifting from your previous EMR system to eClinicalWorks? Leave this to the experts and never worry about the cost since the organization offers free conversion or incorporation of your practice information into the new system to avoid discontinuity or disjointed data.

Patient Care

eClinicalWorks offers a comprehensive appointment interface in the sense that even your front office staff can quickly and easily scan through the patient’s information during the check-in, including insurance eligibility, patient past history, and payment details as well. In addition, patients have access to a web-based portal that allows them a greater control over their data and healthcare. For instance, patients are able to request an appointment or make requests for prescription refills without having to visit your physical premises. They can also view important information, including their laboratory test results, patient guides such as a prescription.

Software Integration

The other important aspect that would make this software a must-have for your practice is its ability to seamlessly and securely integrate your system with third party service providers such as insurance carriers and laboratories without threatening the safety of your data. No matter the number of laboratories you order, you can easily receive the results directly via the software on a single dashboard. There is no need of jumping from one screen to another looking for results or messages coming through from different labs.

The software is designed in a way that allows your medical staff to view your patients’ lab results alongside other information on the same screen. Therefore, the doctor can easily make meaningful inferences about the patient’s health, recommend treatments or therapies that are in line with the information obtained.

Hosting & Certification

eClinicalWorks supports ICD-10 coding together with a platform that supports other system codes with the ability to show all the important or associated codes from which you can choose the relevant ones. If you are a practice looking to integrate your current data or functionality into the ICD-10 codes, this custom feature will surely save you the trouble and time of cross checking all the reimbursements. What’s more, eClinicalWorks has been certified as a system that is above board when it comes to industry standards and the ability to comply with the ONC-ATCB board and other federal regulations. For more information about the system, read through hundreds of positive eClinicalWorks reviews and find out just what you are missing.